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Abu Dhabi residence visa with Sharjah tenancy contract.

I am having an Abu Dhabi visa and a Sharjah tenancy contract. Upon visiting the immigration office in Abu Dhabi, I came to know that Abu Dhabi tenancy contract is a must.

Meanwhile a typing centre has asked me for AED 1,800 for getting the visa.

Can anybody shed some light on this issue? TIA.

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monk_mst 2 years ago

Your typing centre is trying to cheat you. All you need with your tenancy contract is a undertaking in Arabic saying during next renewal you will get tawtheeq in Abu Dhabi and that should be it. Also, the tenancy contract is only required for dependant visas. PM me if you want to know which typing centre to approach as I have just dealt with it.

navisic 2 years ago

The AED 1,800 is not legal. I wouldn't do something like that. Check with the typing centre person his process. Is he using your Sharjah Tenancy Contract? If so then its ok. If not then stay away. What I don't understand, I had dubai visa with an abu dhabi tenancy contract. Also there is a person working with Abu Dhabi visa and with a Dubai tenancy contract. Done from GDRFA Abu Dhabi. What is the issue with them, I don't know. Try going back and ask to speak to the manager inside and request an exception.

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