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Any legal docs I should bring to a small junk removal job

Bought a truck recently and put up Craigslist ad about junk/scrap and cleanup and I got my first call today.

A guy about 10min down the road needs

-"a big heavy flat screen tube tv trashed"

-"some other old junk that needs thrown out"

-"If if your willing a little minor inside cleanup of trash etc"

We scheduled for 8am tomorrow but here's the thing. Should I print out any basic legal paperwork online thats already setup and needs the blanks filled in basically saying

"I (client) agree to pay (me) $xxx for the job of (junk removal)__"

But we would just fill in the blanks with a pen then it's a legal doc?

Should he sign it before or after? (I'm guessing before)

Do I even need to bring a clipboard of legal docs for removing some junk for a 50+yr old guy?

Also for anyone who's done this type of work I have a few quick questions:

1.) Is $200 a truck load for a Toyota tocoma and $250 for a full ton F-150 plus I pay all landfill fees a reasonable price? (Is also be willing to drop the price depending on what it is I'm hauling)

2.) Should I pay by truckload?

3.) For cleanup should I just eyeball it and charge a $xxx amount or do I charge hourly? (I'm guessing this also depends on if it's just a small scale cleanup like he mentioned)

I called all the other junk companies in the area for fake estimates and they where all basically "$200-300 a load no budging and we charge you hourly and you pay all dump fees"

One day I will be a liability insured LLC but first I need to do small jobs from Craigslist so I can afford my own utility trailer and all the legal llc/insurance fees so I can start doing the big jobs

Any help will be very greatly appreciated!

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iamfury 10 months ago

Would it be a good idea for OP to take quick before/after pics of the jobsite in case he ever needs to substantiate the work he did in small claims court?

HaroldKid 10 months ago

Would one of the online templates be fine for basic work (ie overnight janitorial services)? I modified one to fit my company and looking it over I think its pretty straightforward but Id be interested to know what you think as an attorney.

masteroflaw 10 months ago

Attorney here. Here's the thing with small item written contracts; they don't really have much of a purpose in terms of collecting money. Usually people pay for these kinds of services so it's unlikely you'll get stiffed. If you do a larger project, a written contract would definitely be wise. Think about it this way, when you get your AC fixed, which usually runs $100-300, virtually no one signs a contract. It's just not really necessary. If someone doesn't pay, your options would be to file in small claims but even if you win, good luck collecting. Also, a verbal contract is still a contract.

BukketsofNothing 10 months ago

IANAL but there is very little liability for the customer in this case, once it's loaded up the only one that can suffer damage would be you. I would suggest you make sure your vehicle is covered as a commercial vehicle and you have some general liability. Generally you should be charging by the load - and partial loads are still a load. I think your pricing is in line.

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