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Any UAE residents who have been to Oman lately? Looking for up-to-date info about Exit/Entry Visa Fees

Hey all,

Any residents who have crossed the border to Oman lately? Looking for info about visa fees for a weekend camping trip. This is not a visa run, all the travellers have UAE residence.

The reason I am asking is I once heard the rumor that UAE have increased the exit fees to Oman to its residents to stop the flow of expats to Oman over the weekend. If anyone can confirm what they have paid recently that would be awesome.

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tafaryan 1 year ago

On the website or the news link given, it does not mention anywhere that physical application will not be accepted. Can you share where you got this info from pls?

samesdd66 1 year ago

Https:// online from March 21 on the Royal Oman Police website, the Royal Oman Police announced last month. Physical applications at service desks will no longer be accepted.

dilipfelix 1 year ago

5 OMR is what i usually pay at the airport.

burksterdxb 1 year ago

35AED UAE exit and 5 OMR for Oman entry.

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