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Are Brits still able to do boarder runs on visit visa? Or have they changed the rules?

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dirksqjaw 1 year ago

Went this weekend, also no change. I did do the evisa and it made the process easier, though. I asked if evisa was going to be required next month and they said only at airports, so who knows.

PatrolInSand 1 year ago

Yes, went only a week or so back and all the same as before. Seem the 'new' apply online before you go hasn't been implemented yet and not sure when it will be. Call one of the visa run trip companies and ask them - they'll know if the new rules have been applied.

gw3gon 1 year ago

You can be a Brit and have bad spelling. Those two things aren't mutually exclusive events.

Stradlingj1 1 year ago

I went 3 weeks ago and there was no change whatsoever

zubinho85 1 year ago

I believe you still can but you will need to apply for the Oman visa online before heading there Edit: from the 21st of March

vanting_too_much 1 year ago

Haha! I am ashamed . Thank you for the spell check

burksterdxb 1 year ago

Are you a Brit? Because... "Border", not Boarder.

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