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Canada Visa - Attestation of Documents

Hey Guys!

So recently I got accepted in a uni in Canada. I was wondering where should I get my O'Level and A'Level (High-school) certificates attested? and whats the procedure? Also, I was born here and want to get my birth certificate attested. Any helpful inputs?


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TheModernPaean 1 year ago

For the birth certificate, contact DHA or MoH (depending on which emirate you were born in). I believe they'll also ask to have a stamp from your country's consulate, so be prepared for that. For the o and a level docs...if Dubai, then KHDA and if any other emirate, then MoE. That'll be the first step. They'll advise you where to get it attested from next. To simplify everything, go to a typist and give him your documents. Spend around 400dhs and get it all done without the hassle of getting in queues and running around the city.

bladewidth 1 year ago

Most probably for your academic certificates it will be WES but your uni would be best to advise.

Duglitt 1 year ago

Sorry can't help you out but Congratulations on your admission! All the best Maybe try the British Council for attesting o level and a level marksheets/certificates

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