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Cancelling employment visa when employer has left the country

My wife's two year employment visa is about to expire. The employer left the country long ago and she has just been living here using that visa anyway. Now she needs to cancel it so I can put her on my visa. It expires April 26. When can we go to the Immigration Dept to cancel the visa? Is there any special process to do it since the employer left? Will she still get a 30 day period after the cancellation to remain in the country? Any advice and help appreciated!

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zamakhtar 1 year ago

What if it is not within 60 days of the unofficial closure? I think it has been about 14 months. Would it help if we do this process after her visa expires on April 26 or should we start it now?

askdubailaw 1 year ago

Since the employer is missing, the abandoned employee must first file a case with MOHRE to arrange the cancellation of work permit. This process is commonly known as cancellation initiated by employee and is a lot complicated than you'd imagine.The immigration will require to officially establish that the employer is actually out of the country and once done,the employee is given two months from the unofficial closure of the company to file a complaint.No ban will be imposed if the employee reports the unofficial closure of the company within 60 days from its occurrence.Expect some fines here.

zamakhtar 1 year ago

We don't know about any of the other employees. We have traveled though with no issue, most recently in July.

Shaboobla 1 year ago

Ask your wife what the other employees did. Have they contacted the ministry of labor? Did she receive any messages from immigration regarding her visa status? Has she applied for anything that would require Emirates ID or passport for the past 2 years? Has she travelled since the employer skipped town? Im asking because any of these would have alerted her that her Visa has been cancelled/suspended. Maybe she can go on to check her visa status?

zamakhtar 1 year ago

We only recently got married so it's only now that I can actually sponsor her.

YYZSher 1 year ago

Why didn't you cancel her visa ASAP?

zamakhtar 1 year ago

We don't be able to contact the local sponsor either. Is there a way to cancel it herself?

TenFoldMassacre 1 year ago

There wont be any issues per se, but you shouldve taken action as soon as you found out her employer skipped the country by getting in touch with the local sponsor and cancelling the visa. If you still have the locals contact details, get in touch with him or his PRO and get the visa cancelled. Its a straight forward process. Im assuming her final settlement is out of the question since the employer isnt here anymore so tell her to sign the cancellation papers as soon as possible.

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