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Cheapest site to buy customized pens

I need the cheapest place to buy customized pens, quality does not matter too much. I only plan to buy a small quantity (less than 10).

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guyfromtn 1 year ago

Checkout National Pen. They do smaller runs.

hotels_on_atlantic 1 year ago

Could you buy blank pens and add on a decal? Though 10 pens will go pretty quick so I would just order the min qty

ladykiller44 1 year ago

Safetyman is right, I worked forbtge number 1 promo company in the country till 3 months ago. I branched off.... If you need help give me a holler, I should be able to get you a small order for cheap but I highly recommend at least 300 if you are looking into promotional items. Give them out to anyone you meet to grow, it works. Best

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