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Creating a logo

How did you create your logos? I'm just starting at my small business and I would love and need to learn how to do it and where, what programs, app, web sites did you use?? All the help and advice I can get would be great!

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goofysoule 9 months ago

PM and I can help you out.

ishouldbemoreprivate 9 months ago

I had an idea and took the cheap route through Fiverr. Sent a mock-up using a couple pieces of clipart. 2 different logo artists sent me vector files of the clipart (one had a watermark...) mashed together. Ended up doing it myself and chalking it up to experience and getting what you pay for. ;)

QueRolloPollo 9 months ago You can set up a logo contest for $300 and get multiple designs from artists.

bestlistdotcom 9 months ago

NotASwayzeMovie 9 months ago

I used Fiverr to get us a cheap, cute logo to get us started and when Im making money I will invest in a better designer. I was happy with what I got.

[deleted] 9 months ago

HH6A 9 months ago

For $12.95/month gives some pretty great tools. Allies for transparency also, as well as properly pixeled downloads for social media images, headers, flyers, etc. If you're just looking for a logo, the would be a good place.

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