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Detailing business

Has anyone here ever ran a car detailing business? I know it's weird, but I've always loved washing cars and making them look beautiful and mint again. Does anyone know any kind of general information like equipment needed, barriers to entry, etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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DieselMofu 1 year ago

Been thinking of doing the exact same thing. Ive got a spare garage at my parents house and a nice driveway to work from, in a good area. The investment doesent seem like alot and isnt a risk, what im wondering though is how to run it from my own home? Would it seem professional having someone drop and pick their car up from a residential house? I could offer a pickup delivery service but would then owner trust me with driving their car and i would need trade insurance etc to be covered. Also what about pricing? If i do a full works package that includes all the processes, how long does it take on average and would the price be suitable for people? E.g if it takes me 6 hours to so the entire car; plus all the supplies used on the car etc id be hoping to get paid something like Ł150 minimum Ive never done actual car detailing myself before but going to buy all the supplies next month for personal use it and work on my own cars first to learn all the tips and tricks. Would be cool if the people who have done it before could share the type of services and prices they provided.

chasethompson98 1 year ago

Did it as a teenager as summer cash/side hustle. About 1500 initial investment was paid back quickly, and after that it was gravy, and I really enjoyed it, too; very satisfying work. Stuff you will need to start up: Pressure washer, polisher & varying pads for the polisher, a ton of detailing chemicals, bunch of microfibre cloths (professional quality is worth the investment), and optional is a steam carpet cleaner AKA hot water extractor. If you have a 9-5 right now, start this as side work during evenings/weekends and get a client base built up before you fully commit

Phantazzmo 1 year ago

It's good to hear that at least some people have had success at this. I have a couple questions if you don't mind. Did you have to buy anything upfront? Did you own a facility to do it in or out of your house? and I'm in a good area, the only problem is there are a couple of people here that are already doing it

Tedmosby9931 1 year ago

I used to from age 16-23. Started out charging $100 for the whole car on a daily driver, ended up polishing Ferrari Enzos for $2500 (sometimes). Quit because 2007/2008 happened and being in Metro Detroit wasn't good. Got into architecture school and now I'm an architect/builder/flipper/investor. You can make money, but make sure you're in a good area.

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