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Did anyone put their money in an asset management company in dubai? How were the results per year in average?

Let me know guys

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Positivelifes 11 months ago

Guys put your money in certificate of deposits in Egypt. You get 17% yearly. No drama

yopla 11 months ago

Stray dogs of wallstreet

fourfiftyms 11 months ago

I have a friend who works for devere and was trying to get me to join initially - 6k/month retainer btw????? LOL Better off working at mcdonalds. At the start he was drinking the kool aid. Now he's basically refusing to sell half the stuff they're advised to because if you spend 5minutes looking at it you know it's just a pile of sh...t. He described them as Wolf of Wall Street without the insane money. Same shit Stratton used to sell (if not worse) but employees make minimum wage instead of driving ferarris.

Traffic_Spiral 11 months ago

Get a vanguard fund, or something like it.

Ncwl 11 months ago

Any ideas or experiences with Arlo Associates?

Duglitt 11 months ago

I've heard positive things about the national investor's uae blue chip fund...but do your own research

Positivelifes 11 months ago


dirtwaffle 11 months ago

Don't do it

Ffssomethingwork 11 months ago

Do u mean return read loss?

Positivelifes 11 months ago

After taxes, fees, etc?

yopla 11 months ago

With a good plan from Devere you can average -5 to -20 points annualized.

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