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Do own payroll or outsource?

Do you guys who run small businesses typically do your own payroll, or do you outsource it? if outsourced - what's your typical expense per employee? Trying to see what to do. Also how do you track overtime?

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dotcleavejr 1 year ago

2 employees and I use quickbooks. Takes 3 minutes to print my checks. They both work the same hours every week so nothing changes.

akprobegt 1 year ago

4 employees and I do it myself with Quickbooks. Had my accountant help set it up and she answers a question occasionally but it's easy to do myself at this time.

DamnPurpleDress 1 year ago

5 employees - I do it myself with quickbooks. Per week is very, very minimal - about 6 minutes a week and most of that is just checking with employees if they worked any extra then what they wrote on a time sheet. 5 minutes to submit the tax withholdings a month. Doing an ROE takes a bit longer because I've only done a few. If you do want to out source check with your chamber of commerce - most have a partner that will offer a pretty good deal to members. Quickbooks is $55 a month with direct deposit payroll.

sundial_in_the_shade 1 year ago

I use Square Payroll Services. $25/mo plus $5 per employee. They do all the filing and withholding for you. I've found it to be worth it.

jetteh22 1 year ago

Just started with Gusto and it was very easy to sign up.

Nose_Grindstoned 1 year ago

I think outsourcing is the way to go. Because I worked at companies before where they didn't outsource it, and it turns into many arguments and errors. Edit: you could hire a person to come in just to do your payroll. You'd have a part time staff member or freelancer that knows what they're doing. But, still, I recommend just outsourcing to a payroll company. It's so much easier to take care of it that way. They'll also offer other services too like finding you a good rate on company insurance and handling 401Ks. In the past, I've worked with Paychex and I hate em. ADP and they're okay.

odb37 1 year ago

Outsource $100 per month 5 employees

jtr8178 1 year ago

80 employees and we outsource it. Im not sure what we pay, but I know we looked at outsourcing vs doing it ourselves and it was a no brainer to outsource it.

xaksis 1 year ago

I've been using gusto for payroll. Easy to use and no complaints so far. They have self on boarding which makes life easier for me. They even do quarterly taxes for the company. Cost is $39 base + $6 per employee.

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