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Employer not paying salary, nor cancelling visa. Please help!


I have been working in a company for the since may 1st. The last salary received was October. So pending is my Nov, Dec, Jan.

When i confronted the employer and explained to him that i will go to MOL because i cant continue to live in Dubai without any money, He immediately send me termination papers (Jan 24).

My Salaries are still not paid, I raised a complaint with MOL, and also, in the past few days I have gotten a new offer for another job. Can I accept the offer yet? My employer hasn't cancelled the visa, and knowing his history and how he has fired previous employees he usually puts a labor ban on them. Also he hasn't provided me any Medical Insurance since May 1st which I have learned later that this is mandatory as per UAE law

Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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askdubailaw 1 year ago

You can accept your offer and request your employer to proceed with the labor application and immigration approvals.Take a copy of your new offer letter and present it along with a copy of your termination letter,proof of serving notice period and any other compliance concerning your contract.If you are a non arabic speaking person,i'd suggest to get the key points typed in arabic and attach it along with your plea.The ban will depend on your nature of contract.

Blue_Lunar_Monkey 1 year ago

I worked at 2 companies that didn't pay me. The first one didn't even put me on their visa and I had overstayed in the country. While this is not common practise here some companies hire even when they cannot afford to pay.

Traffic_Spiral 1 year ago

Accept the offer and tell the MOL that you want to work for another company - they'll give you a reference to the judge, and the judge will give you a waiver letting you work while you wait for your last employer to cancel the visa.

Duglitt 1 year ago

Unfortunately you only hear stories like this in the gulf.

reluctantopportunist 1 year ago

Man hearing stories like these makes my blood boil. What gives these people the damn right to treat employees the way they do. I wish such organizations could be public shamed. Hope you get it sorted man. Good luck!

AngryBigMac 1 year ago

MOL bruh.

Blue_Lunar_Monkey 1 year ago

You can obviously accept the offer, provided you resign and serve notice period. Employer cannot put a labour ban on you, especially here since he has not even paid you. Even if he has given you termination papers, you should still go to MoL and complain, because you deserve to get paid either way for the months you have worked.

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