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Friends leaving Dubai for Home, anything Visa wise need to be done at the airport??

So my friends from Canada are leaving for good, VISA’s cancelled already. They have all their documents etc. Do they need to do anything in particular at the airport prior to departure? Or just exit as normal?

Back in 2011 I changed jobs and when leaving on old VISA I was held up at airport whist they checked documents and made me go and pay to have a sticker put on something before departing.

Any advice

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dxbmaverick 1 year ago

How are things back in the real world?

vanting_too_much 1 year ago

Thanks, appreciate the info

reluctantopportunist 1 year ago

Exit as normal, just went back a month ago, I had the Visa cancelation print out with me just in case, but they never asked me for out. Cheers.

burksterdxb 1 year ago

Say "I'll be back!" in his best Arnie impression, at the immigration. Even if he doesn't intend to.

vanting_too_much 1 year ago

Done that, just checking no airport formalities

bravo632 1 year ago

Pay whatever bills and fines theyve got left.

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