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Has anyone in here set up a (media) company or sole proprietorship at Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)?

What are views on the process? Any problems encountered after setting up? Are you restricted in any way?

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ifza 9 months ago

I was also thinking to set up one design company. how much will be the total cost? and which freezone is cheaper?

AkiruKun 10 months ago

If you transliterated Sharjah Media City from English to Arabic (making something like and then abbreviated it to form: (Shams)

lovecarscantafford 10 months ago

Set up mine there. Process was very smooth. PM me if you have any qyestions

linux_n00by 10 months ago

probably SHAMS is not an acronym but like a coined term?

thismightbemymain 10 months ago

I commented above but I set mine up almost a year ago with them, it was really good. Relatively easy a few small hiccups and had to make the trip to Sharjah a few times but if you've got a friend who can drive you there it's not too bad. Again, I think they reward referrals so if you're willing, PM me. Maybe I could help you out with transport there too, if you're stuck.

ILoveDubai 10 months ago

Did you manage to setup a business bank account with your eCommerce license? I ran into a wall with this license, because most banks wont open. What did you do if I may ask :)?

TenFoldMassacre 10 months ago

Dont trust it. The acronym says it all.

thismightbemymain 10 months ago

I set mine up there almost a year ago, it's good. Very quick and easy, really. No issues, it was very easy. I think I can get a reward from them for referring somebody, PM me if you're willing to be my referral.

ilapirata 10 months ago

What seems to be causing the delay in getting the Visa?

Gsidej 10 months ago

I just set mine (e-commerce) up a month ago. Still waiting on the visa though...

lilzap 10 months ago

My cousin works in a company that helps set up companies in free zones, SHAMS included. I can refer you to her if you want?

TheModernPaean 10 months ago

Sharjah Media City Free Zone I'm just wondering how that abbreviates to Shams.

BASKOTE 10 months ago

Thinking about doing the same +1

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