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Has anyone in here set up a (media) company or sole proprietorship at Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)?

What are views on the process? Any problems encountered after setting up? Are you restricted in any way?

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ifza 1 year ago

I was also thinking to set up one design company. how much will be the total cost? and which freezone is cheaper?

AkiruKun 1 year ago

If you transliterated Sharjah Media City from English to Arabic (making something like and then abbreviated it to form: (Shams)

lovecarscantafford 1 year ago

Set up mine there. Process was very smooth. PM me if you have any qyestions

linux_n00by 1 year ago

probably SHAMS is not an acronym but like a coined term?

thismightbemymain 1 year ago

I commented above but I set mine up almost a year ago with them, it was really good. Relatively easy a few small hiccups and had to make the trip to Sharjah a few times but if you've got a friend who can drive you there it's not too bad. Again, I think they reward referrals so if you're willing, PM me. Maybe I could help you out with transport there too, if you're stuck.

ILoveDubai 1 year ago

Did you manage to setup a business bank account with your eCommerce license? I ran into a wall with this license, because most banks wont open. What did you do if I may ask :)?

TenFoldMassacre 1 year ago

Dont trust it. The acronym says it all.

thismightbemymain 1 year ago

I set mine up there almost a year ago, it's good. Very quick and easy, really. No issues, it was very easy. I think I can get a reward from them for referring somebody, PM me if you're willing to be my referral.

ilapirata 1 year ago

What seems to be causing the delay in getting the Visa?

Gsidej 1 year ago

I just set mine (e-commerce) up a month ago. Still waiting on the visa though...

lilzap 1 year ago

My cousin works in a company that helps set up companies in free zones, SHAMS included. I can refer you to her if you want?

TheModernPaean 1 year ago

Sharjah Media City Free Zone I'm just wondering how that abbreviates to Shams.

BASKOTE 1 year ago

Thinking about doing the same +1

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