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How can I get my service business to rank on Google?

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crystalgroves 1 year ago

SEO, especially local SEO is what you're going to want to look for. Everyone here posted some good starter info. If you need some additional steps or questions answered, PM me. My company does SEO (local or global) and all sort of web things, so I can at least give you an idea of what to look for.

kdschmutzler 1 year ago

Getting a service business website to rank well requires local optimization. Most service businesses don't serve a national market and even if they do, they still have a local one. Within their local market, there will be key cities. Making sure you rank for combinations of those city names and your keywords means that a person living in that area will probably see you before a similar service business further away. We saw increases in rank for different clients almost immediately just from targeting their local markets.

AmitPPCExpert 1 year ago

You should check the website performance via any online tools and fix the issues (if anyone). Focus on On-Page Optimization (Meta Tag & Meta Description) and regularly put content on your website. You can also do Off-Page optimization (SEO) to get higher ranking in Google and in other platforms. Hope it will help...

SafetyMan35 1 year ago

Well, based on your previous posts, first you need a website. Then you need to put content up on that website that is valuable to readers. For example, if you were an auto mechanic, you might write articles that talk about general car maintenance issues, for example, instructions on how to change a tire. Instructions for changing the air filter, checking your fluid levels, what to do if you break down on the side of the road, how to wash and detail your car, car related product reviews etc.) Give people an excuse to come to your site and link to your site and you will rise in google ranking.

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