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How much does it cost to build a website for my small business?

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SafetyMan35 1 year ago

3 are from OP

digitalxmarketing 1 year ago

best for an online business website just price $500 to $1500

zbaumel 1 year ago

What's up with there being 10+ questions about websites in this sub today?

HonestlySavage 1 year ago

Try UpWork. My friend builds websites for small businesses and uses Upwork to find work. You get to set the price or negotiate the price, with the person that is wanting to do the job. Highly recommend checking this out.

caledonian_surfer 1 year ago

We design and build custom web sites and web apps starting at $45 a month, with no upfront costs and no hidden fees. Our portfolio is available to see on our web site.

schming_ding 1 year ago

Depends on your business's needs for a website and how critical it is to marketing. If it's critical, pay an experienced firm top dollar. If it's not critical, consider doing it yourself (Square Space) or use a freelancer. Get bids from those who have demonstrated the results you're after.

SafetyMan35 1 year ago

Somewhere from $5 - $5 billion Do you want to do it yourself or hire someone? Any special features you need/want (Forms, online scheduling, online ordering etc.) You could create a simple page yourself on Wordpress or Squarespace, or you can hire a custom design team to develop and manage a complete Content management system and any option in between.

averageeverydayquest 1 year ago

Depends how you do it I build my own websites. I host with siteground (hosting costs depend on your plan), and then install WordPress. From there I install the plugins Elementor Pro ($45 for one website, I think its $150 for unlimited), StylePress, and other free add ons for Elementor. You can also use Elementors free version if you really dont want to pay the cost of pro). Elementor is a drag and drop builder, so you dont need to know any coding to use it. And you can do things like install typekit and connect to services like ConvertKit or GetResponse through the Pro version. If youre building forms with Elementor Pro, make sure to get the Elementor form database, too, that way you dont lose inputs (I had a webhook that somehow didnt work and I lost some inputs before I installed the database). From there, your costs are dependent on any other plugins you want to use, the cost of images and other licenses, and such.

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