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How to file a salary complaint - TECOM FREEZONE

Hi All,

I work in a Tecom free zone company and my company is not paying salary on time. It first happened in my October and November 2017, and the salary of both of these months was paid in Dec-17. I called the labour department and they told me that it's not related to us and you have to contact Tecom free zone directly. It's happening again and I want to take an action.

Can somebody please guide me on what I can do in this situation? Many Thanks.

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TenFoldMassacre 1 year ago

You and me both. Mid April and I'm still waiting for that paycheck. Hopefully, next week.

kingpin_dxb 1 year ago

Had a similar situation in Jebel Ali FZ.. Filed a complaint in the free zone then in Dubai Court.

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