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How to find out how much it costs if you have overstayed your visa?

Which department can you call to find out how much your overstay fine is, if you have overstayed your visa?

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PatrolInSand 1 year ago

30 days, don't say 1 months as if it's 31 days you get fined.

Siaphan 1 year ago

Thanks. Is there a link where you got the information from so I can pass it on?

DXBCT 1 year ago

Wrong. You have no grace period anymore, but once your visa is expired, you pay 300AED for the first day, and each day onwards you pay 100AED/day. I know because I overstayed 38 days. If you are unsure about how long have you overstayed, go to GDRFA next to Al Jafilya metro station, once you enter, first building on the left. They will tell you exactly how many days have you overstayed and how much you have to pay.

[deleted] 1 year ago

From the date of your visa expiry, youll have an additional 1 month to stay which is the grace period and after the grace period is over, the first day you overstay you pay, 125aed and from the 2nd day onwards you pay 25aed per day.

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