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How to get visit visa for a 75 year old grandmother

Hi Guys, I want to bring my 75 year old grandmother on visit visa here. What are the options? Any idea of the approximate visa and medical insurance costs? Any recommendations for getting the visa/medical insurance arranged?

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SxMDu 1 year ago

I have found out that my grandmother's age is 89. It seems it is not possible to get a visit visa for her because of her age. I have spoken to 2 travel agents and both of them have said that the application will be rejected. Any inputs?

PlebeianDXB 1 year ago

Hey there, my 80-yr old grandma was just here for the Festive season. I got her a normal visit visa through my company and purchased international insurance online (dnata). The 30-day visa cost me AED 300(more or less) and insurance around AED 200 - 300 (I think). I got her a wheelchair/transporter for us to use when going around. Way more convenient than renting it from each and every mall. She also brought in a month's worth of her meds with an accompanying doctor's note. She didn't get asked by authorities but it was just better to be safe.

SxMDu 1 year ago

So where can I purchase the travel insurance from? I am wondering how much would axa or any other insurance provider charge for providing coverage for the duration of the stay?

problem_me 1 year ago

she has to be insured with her country of citizenship/permanent residence. local insurance agencies don't provide this service for tourists. i tried to find the insurance for my parents but the only reply i got was to go back to the insurers in my country of origin.

unemployednbroke 1 year ago

Try to avoid any doctor / medical engagement here in Dubai. There is no concept of social security here. Doctors / hospitals are private businesses who would cost you an arm and a leg. For emergencies check dnata travel website for travel insurance or check any insurance company in your home country so you can easily chase them should anything go south.

SxMDu 1 year ago

Even if it is not required. I am planning to buy insurance because she is aged and emergency can strike anytime. Besides I am planning to get her general checkup done for which I would need the insurance. Even tourist visa will be fine, as the purpose is to bring her here for 2-3months. What would you guys suggest for insurance?

turan92 1 year ago

I believe tourist visa is your best bet, don't think you need medical insurance for that do you? Getting a tourist visa my country costs around 100 us dollars for 3 months. Not sure if it applies for every country.

burksterdxb 1 year ago

The regular tourist visas issued by travel agencies for 30/90 days won't be possible?

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