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Low volume business trying to lower shipping costs

I work at a small business who ships out low volume (about 5,000 pieces per year) and am looking to lower my shipping rates even further. We use Endicia as our third-party and the shipping manager says we are getting the "commercial base plus price." He noted that it's a combination of both prices. How can it be both? When I check the postage, it says "commercial plus price." We ship priority mail and our packages are fairly small and around 1-5 lbs each. With the low volume we ship out, is it possible to further negotiate a cheaper price? Or are we at the best possible price for shipping?

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Powerful_Ranger 1 year ago

I'm wondering the same. I've read elsewhere that you can always negotiate directly, no matter the size of your company, as they work on a case by case basis.

Powerful_Ranger 1 year ago

Thanks for the comments and feedback. I'm just wondering how all these companies are getting 30-40% discount off retail shipping prices, when i'm getting roughly a 10% discount. The prices we're paying are pretty much the same as someone who ships 1 package a month through eBay. Shipping prices are ridiculous IMO.

madathedestroyer 1 year ago

How large do you have to be to negotiate directly with the usps?

jrwn 1 year ago

To be fair, the post office (congress?) is the one who allowed Amazon to get such good prices and to start doing mail delivery on Sunday. If they didn't want the business, they would have told Amazon to take the normal price.

DamnPurpleDress 1 year ago

I'm in Canada - I could negotiate with Canada Post for 20 thousand packages. I don't think 5K is enough to get more of a discount, especially when USPS is an already low price compared to other postal services but USPS should have a business line that you can call and see where a volume discount might start at.

SafetyMan35 1 year ago

Commercial Plus is the best rate that you will get until you are large enough to negotiate rates directly with the USPS (Not to make it political, but the argument President Trump is attempting to make in his attack on Amazon. Amazon has such high volume that they have negotiated extra low rates...but Amazon is shipping 1.6 million packages a day or 600 million each year).

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