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More feedback on my business website?

First off thank you so much!

I while back I posted about my website and got a ton of constructive feedback so thanks to this subreddit for the help!

I have since put a ton of effort into the website, all that is left for me to do is upload the pictures of my products and add the descriptions and calorie, protein and carbohydrate details.

Let me know how it looks!

TLDR: This is a local fitness meal prep website and I want to know how the page looks.

Edit: Mobile is not completely done yet so if possible feedback on desktop only please! Thanks!

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hardwoodjunkie 1 year ago

Thanks! I was trying to go for a clean "apple" look with the plain white background and my logo. Maybe I should reconsider. The oatmeal with the block and lots of the pictures are just place holders. So I will definitely be revamping the photos. As far as the homepage do you just mean that first white screen? Because theree is a lot of information on my hompage if you just scroll down. What do you suggest as far as sales process that promotes people buying multiple meals. Maybe a discount for orderering a certain amount or I could package like priced meals at a discount.

Rydogalonian 1 year ago

Neat business! I would suggest having more content on the home page as I am unsure of what to do when I get there. Make it easy for me to start ordering or looking at the food. I would also keep a consistent look to the photos. The oatmeal photo is nice with a chopping block and a bit of staging. People would like to see it plated, not in the styrofoam it will come in. Also make sure that there is a sales process that makes sense and promotes people buying multiple meals at once or generating repeat sales anyway that you can. Hopefully this helps!

StandardCauliflower3 1 year ago

better photos. if you can't hire a photographer, make sure you have some depth of field ( background is out of focus ). You can do this the latest smart phones. Called "portrait" mode on iphone. the content I first see on my desktop is simply the navbar and the name with your logo in the middle of the screen. You are wasting the best part of the screen with just white. Add some photos and the main mission that you want to convey to users.

JasonAtSBWP 1 year ago

Menu -> View in Browser

bearposters 1 year ago

The food looks delicious but on Mobile, I have to scroll down 2-3 iPhone screen-lengths before I see the food. Instead Im being explained what meal prep is. Put the food pics up top.

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