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Oman eVisa -- Visa run ?


I read that there is a new eVisa for Oman:

I am a Canadian citizen and have been doing oman border visa runs. I usually do one on my 38th day.

The 38th day will be past March 21st, does this impact me? Am i better off heading to Oman on the 20th to avoid applying for an online visa?


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JubskiPolaski 1 year ago

All non-GCC residents will need to apply for the e-Visa before attempting to enter into Oman starting on the 21st (as indicated). To be honest, as an American who has unfortunately been forced to do border runs the past few months, I'd suggest being safe rather than sorry and get in the habit of running every 30 days. There has been suggested instruction to end the 10-day grace period, unfortunately, no one knows if this will happen or when.

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