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Oman Visa Fees update

ot back from Oman today after spending the weekend in Khasab. I've seen a few people asking for the latest on visa fees after Oman decided to increase the tourist visa fees to 20 OMR (200AED).

The new 'visit visa' fees is only for 'tourists'. But if you are a resident of the UAE or any GCC country for that matter, the visa fees on arrival still remains the same i.e. 5 OMR(50AED). So this might affect those who are on a visa run, as they will be classified as 'tourist' and not 'GCC resident'.

Here's a pic of the notice at the Border immigration post.

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burksterdxb 11 months ago

I had gone to Khasab, which is a separate part of Oman near RAK. But yes, I heard that Hatta is now closed for expats. The other alternative is through Al Ain.

SLR722_ 11 months ago

Hi which way did you take? I heard hatta and Oman is closed and people have to take some Sharjah route it this true??

burksterdxb 11 months ago

You mean you paid 6 OMR? They usually ask for 50 Dirhams, or pay by card.

LoveisLife125 11 months ago

6 OMR for visa on arrival for GCC resident... but my receipt says 5 when I look at it... hmmmm think I got conned!

burksterdxb 11 months ago

I didn't go through the e-visa route. The whole process of filling the form and getting back in my car at Oman immigration must have taken around 20 minutes. For 4 persons in the same car. There was probably 5 passports in front us in the queue.

TomDXB 11 months ago

Thanks for the info. I may drive to Khasab in the next few weeks and was wondering if the process is faster now with the e-visa. I think last time I've been around 3 years ago and even with only 10 people in front of us it took them around 30 minutes to sort out all the formalities.

Gsidej 11 months ago

They've had that sign for months. But I thought there was supposed to be a new change later this month

irishgeologist 11 months ago

Be warned - last time I arrived in Muscat I asked for a GCC resident visa. Lady at the counter printed it out and said it was 20 OMR. I said its 5 OMR, and she said oh yeah. Gave me the slip of paper that shed printed that said 5 OMR. Not sure if she was being stupid or trying to scam me.

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