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Oman Visa Run

Anyone done one recently and willing to run me through it?

Do I have to apply online? Can I just turn up at the border posts and get my stamps?

I'm planning on going to the Mezyad/Hafeet border.

Thanks for any information.

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munch3ro_ 11 months ago

If you're going for a visa run, go to Armenia instead. Grab some wine, drink some beer and come back happier.

caedriel 11 months ago

we had that problem, the only way around that was if a manager of the company would allow it . luckily enough , we had one with us for the trip . The border guy was so confused in the sense like what was a manager doing on a trip like this ?

ItsBlackRedGold 11 months ago

The whole idea of a VISA RUN is (was) to obtain a new visit visa. No one can, or even would think of, doing a visa run if they already have a visa.

TheHawthorne 11 months ago

Done that already. A lot of out of date info

TheHawthorne 11 months ago

Leaving from AD Friday sadly. You got any advice?

Gsidej 11 months ago

Are you leaving from Dubai? If so I was planning on driving tomorrow. Want to carpool?

nerdrenegade 11 months ago

You can no longer get on arrival visas. Just apply online for the eVisa on the ROP website. You should get it within 24 hours

blueit93 11 months ago

Note that you can't get in if you're on UAE sales Visa. I was turned back at the border when they found out

clinthammer316 11 months ago

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