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Oman Visa Run

Anyone done one recently and willing to run me through it?

Do I have to apply online? Can I just turn up at the border posts and get my stamps?

I'm planning on going to the Mezyad/Hafeet border.

Thanks for any information.

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munch3ro_ 1 year ago

If you're going for a visa run, go to Armenia instead. Grab some wine, drink some beer and come back happier.

caedriel 1 year ago

we had that problem, the only way around that was if a manager of the company would allow it . luckily enough , we had one with us for the trip . The border guy was so confused in the sense like what was a manager doing on a trip like this ?

ItsBlackRedGold 1 year ago

The whole idea of a VISA RUN is (was) to obtain a new visit visa. No one can, or even would think of, doing a visa run if they already have a visa.

TheHawthorne 1 year ago

Done that already. A lot of out of date info

TheHawthorne 1 year ago

Leaving from AD Friday sadly. You got any advice?

Gsidej 1 year ago

Are you leaving from Dubai? If so I was planning on driving tomorrow. Want to carpool?

nerdrenegade 1 year ago

You can no longer get on arrival visas. Just apply online for the eVisa on the ROP website. You should get it within 24 hours

blueit93 1 year ago

Note that you can't get in if you're on UAE sales Visa. I was turned back at the border when they found out

clinthammer316 1 year ago

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