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Oman Visa Update

So I just landed in Muscat International Airport, from Dubai. The new airport here, which is about 25days old, is wonderful! Here's my visa experience:

I only decided yesterday morning of catching a flight. So from my past experience, the visa for GCC residents took about 5 hours from applying online, to getting it approved. So I thought I'll do the same this time. But maybe because it's a weekend (a long one too), the visa never came through before my flight, almost 24 hours later.

When you walk to immigration after the flight at MCT, they have these dedicated Visa counters for GCC residents and foreign tourists, where we can pay by cash or card (5 OMR for GCC residents). Unlike in the past where we had to queue up at a Travelex counter that only accepted cash (plus whatever FX charges they imposed). So this is definitely a huge improvement from the old airport. The lady at the desk said that my visa wasn't issued online because it's handled by the Police and they probably won't be working on a Friday.

To sum up:

Visa on arrival still available from the airport for GCC residents. It still costs 5 OMR. So unless you are planning your trip at least a few days in advance, don't bother doing it online. Instead just get it at the airport. Process is really quick and smooth.

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burksterdxb 1 year ago

When did you do that? My visa I still "pending" while I am already on way out of the country.

DXBtoDOH 1 year ago

Just a FYI that I applied for my GCC visa on the Oman e-visa site and had it approved in five minutes flat. Dunno what it means. Glad to know there's still a VoA available in case there's a cock up with my e-visa.

burksterdxb 1 year ago

Emirates. Yes I saw a few other airlines use it too. I'm guessing this is the only one being used right now.

tHeCh0s3n0n3 1 year ago

What airline did you use? Do you know if all airlines land at the new terminal?

rakoth132 1 year ago

Im looking forward to seeing the new airport on arrival. My last trip I flew into the old terminal and out of the new (and everything was still new and not 100% working yet!) but its a vast improvement on the old terminal!

burksterdxb 1 year ago

GCC Resident Visa applies to all nationalities. It depends on the profession on the visa.

PixelRage9 1 year ago

You haven't what nationality you are. It could perhaps be different for different nationalities.

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