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Oman visa update

So I have just came back from doing the Visa run, after getting all the entry and exit stamps, I asked the Oman official at the desk regarding the eVisa that will come into effect from tomorrow onwards and he mentioned that we are still eligible to come and get the entry and exit stamps from the desk even after March 21. I’m not sure if he understood what I was trying to say but he did say we are still eligible to do it at the desk. If someone is going to be doing the visa run after March 21, please do update if you did it online or you did it at the desk. Thank you.

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mowilliams0 1 year ago

What about non-visa runs, regular visits by GCC resident for like a week or so?

WhereMyHoseAt 1 year ago

Happy Birthday in advance!

yuldxb 1 year ago

Hey Thanks for the update. I will be doing a visa run on the 22nd, it till be my 38th day. I will let ya'll know what happens, wish me luck!

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