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Personal effects of owning an LLC

My fiance has a degree in baking and pastry and what's nothing more than to start a bakery. As a way to show her my support, I was thinking of buying the LLC for her for Christmas. Are there repercussions that this could bring? Will I bescrewing her come tax season for trying to be supportive?

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Tech4biz 1 year ago

Great idea for a gift, but not as a surprise. You will pick a name and she has to live with it. Perhaps you can involve her and make it fun experience for her? Consider trademarks and stuff, just don't pick a name someone else has already taken. I don't think spending money on account and lawyers is necessary. But accounting knowledge helps to maximize the tax benifits.

Dacoderz 1 year ago

Unlucky. Guess it won't be too much of a surprise if it worked out then eh

Dacoderz 1 year ago

I understand the other 2 but why a lawyer? Is there legal backlash that could come from this?

Sphinx3peat 1 year ago

Id suggest talking to her first, then to a lawyer, then to an accountant. Even though there are many people here with the experience to give you advice, nothing beats consulting professionals.

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