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Placing Wife's Visa On Hold

Trying to search for some info on the "holding visa" process but there's very limited info online.

Apparently rather than cancelling the wife's visa we can pay 5k to have it held whilst I switch jobs and get the new visa. Has anyone done this recently? I'm going from mainland to mainland.

Also, if I successfully do this could my wife carry on working?

Thanks. Appreciate there are 1 or 2 threads on this but I'm yet to see anyone do it.

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batdxb 1 year ago

That's great. I was looking for this. Appreciated!

burksterdxb 1 year ago

That's great advice. Very well written. Can you be our resident immigration expert?

c_brizzle 1 year ago

Amazing. Thank you for this. My PRO has said they need my cancellation but my current employer is going to do everything for me.

iferminm 1 year ago

If youre switching jobs within the same zone (free zone in my case) you dont need to put anything on hold you can just transfer your visa sponsorship to the new employer.

spcman_spiff 1 year ago

Quite literally just got back from doing this for the second time in the last couple of years - I hope I cover everything but I'll apologise in advance in case I miss anything (and for the incoming wall of text): On the assumption that you're in Dubai, you need: The MOL Offer letter from the new company (I believe this is done via the MOL system, could be wrong) Copies of your Passport & UAE ID An Arabic letter requesting your wife's visa to be put on hold - any typing centre that's close to wherever you go should be able to knock this up for you. Original passport(s) of whoever you're getting a visa hold sorted for. AED 5,041 as a deposit, plus around AED 121 in fees per visa you're putting on hold. And you'll have to: Head to the Al Manara immigration centre (last time I did this at the main office near the Trade Centre, but this time they told me they've shifted processing to Al Manara). There's a typing centre there that can sort out the request letter if needed. Present all documents to the dude/dudette at the Immigration Information / Customer Service desk. Don't forget to say something nice to break the ice and take their mind away from the fight they just had with the guy that was in the queue before you. They'll reward you with a figure written on your request letter and a token to go to the cashier and part ways with your wad of cash in return for some expensive-looking sticker-receipt thingamajiggies. Head back to the customer service rep. They'll take a couple of stickers off your receipts, and voila! Your wife's visa is officially on hold. Just to add a bit of confusion: You may have to also provide proof of cancellation of your old labour card - they asked me for proof but still processed the visa hold when I couldn't provide it. Our PRO was told that we wouldn't be able to put any visas on hold if my labour card is cancelled prior, so my guess is even they aren't clear on this. YMMV but be prepared to be sent back depending on the mood of the person you're speaking to on the day. Don't forget to take a copy of every single document you may have come across in your stay and employment here (I'd suggest the trade licences of both your old and new employers as a start), just in case you get asked for that one document you forgot to bring. Good luck and happy holding!

clinthammer316 1 year ago

I've read that you can transfer whoever is under your visa to your new visa without cancellation. Best to visit the Residency department or call them.

avnibu 1 year ago

I think you can put your familys visa on hold if you already have a new contract in your hand. In that case, you approach a typing centre with your passports and they prepare an Arabic letter for you. With this letter, your previous employments MOL (edit:) labor card cancellation letter and your new MOL contract, you approach the immigration office and they do the rest. I dont know if you can do all this without your new MOL contract. Check with any typing centre to get clearer information. Good luck.

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