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Please check out and review my startup

I have created a startup for smart light bulbs and would love any advice or tips you have for my website and advertising, thank you!!

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dheepika 1 year ago

Seeing your website, one could figure out easily that you are a beginner to website building. It is good to see you start but it needs to grow better. My foremost tip is to work more on your creativity for building your website. And then look in for buying a domain for yourself followed by advertising options at the end. Now all that your website needs is creativity on how to put your business in place for a customer who views it as virtual store for buying products. Best wishes for optimizing your website better.

trufus_for_youfus 1 year ago

There isn't much to "review" here. Shoot me a PM if you would like to discuss in a bit more detail. Thanks!

zipadyduda 1 year ago

They have things like this at Walmart in the toy section for $10

savyur 1 year ago

Maybe spend more than an hour on the website? We don't like doing other people's school work.

wee0x1b 1 year ago

I don't know that I'd do business with a company running their website off a university's servers.

ThrustersToFull 1 year ago

GREAT idea but you need a more professional website.

jpluscplusm 1 year ago

My honest advice would be to buy a domain.

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