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Please recommend a bank for a creative city freezone company


I need recommendations for a new bank account for a company incorporated in creative city freezone in Fujairah with flexi desk.

My account was at Mashreq but I think they are changing their policies regarding freezone companies and my account will be terminated.

Any suggestions ? A friend recommended RAK BANK.

It seems like one of the biggest problems is the flexi desk set up as we don't have any bills in the company name.

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DeXB 1 year ago

Four years back ADCB was opening accounts for CCFZ. Try them. I suppose last case scenario is to approach National Bank of Fujairah.

JohanBTC 1 year ago

Flexi also ? thanks

JohanBTC 1 year ago

Thanks ! I think I will try RAK Bank, do you know what kind of documentation I should bring to maximize my chances of opening the account ?

chandhokds 1 year ago

Most banks are refusing flexi desks nowadays. If you complain to the zone authority they might help you out. The banks also nowadays ask for a Site visit. As for bills you can always have a telephone no from Etisalat in companys name which is sufficient utility proof. Some banks to consider: -Noor Bank - RAK Bank - Emirates NBD Bank - Bank of Baroda Most banks are up selling their higher deposit current accounts!

omer2212 1 year ago

Hey how much does the license cost in creative city? Looking for options and how many visas granted. Sorry for hijacking your post :D

AbsoloutelyFlabulous 1 year ago

I have a company registered in the same spot. I used Noor Bank and had no hassles. Shoot me a pm if you need more info.

linux_n00by 1 year ago

try ADCB?

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