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QuickBooks run completely offline?

My bookkeeper runs our books completely offline and because I inherited her when I bought the business, I was wondering if this is normal.

We spend a lot of time in putting every single transaction manually since it isn't hooked up to the bank or credit card accounts. Can anyone tell me if this is weird or not?

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NYPianoman 1 year ago

Even easier than sending her for training, QBO has unlimited tech support. Any questions can be answered in real time. I switched from desktop to qbo over a year ago and have saved so much time. Just do it. Youll understand the time savings once you get accustomed to the platform.

Bmay93 1 year ago

I'd ask her to move to QBO and maybe offer to send her to one of their training classes to learn how to use it as effectively as she does offline. If she's a good employee, the cost is worth it to not have to hire someone new

1902301919387 1 year ago

You can set up credit card and bank feed even if you are using the desktop version.

ender1108 1 year ago

It was true. Ive been involved as a small business owner with QuickBooks conversation to online. When they started it was very limited and my accountant wanted nothing to do with it. But after a year or two it had grown to be much better then offline editions. Well. In my experience anyways. I dont really know the differences between the software enough to really claim that.

swingbaby 1 year ago

We use the desktop version here in a multi-user environment, and through both RDP and VPN to multiple locations. It would be fantastic if we could use the online version, but alas some features are not available that we require. While most could use QBO, some can't - it isn't always a result of someone being technophobic or afraid of change.

JasonRDalton 1 year ago

QuickBooks ran offline exclusively for years before QBO, so lots of bookkeepers got used to that model. I had several accountants tell me that feature A or feature B wasnt available in QBO, but thats not really true in 99.9% of cases. Ask that they move to QBO or find someone else.

Bradwatton 1 year ago

My mom and dad do there accounts completely offline, pen and paper, that will have to change on the next tax year but they prefer it because they're not the most competent with computers.

wilsonckao 1 year ago

Agrees. Import to qbo. If your bookkeeper doesnt know how, ask qb help online or over the phone. We switched from qb desktop to qbo and never looked back. One downside is qbo can be slow.

Galexio 1 year ago

Elaborate on "offline"? Accounting software does not necessarily need to have access to the internet to function, unless it's a SAAS.

notnathan 1 year ago

Sounds like a huge waste of time. Importing is tremendously helpful

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