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Renewed passport - Residence VISA on old passport - need to re stamping on new one? and how to use e gate?

renewed my passport in Dubai. My residence VISA for UAE is stamped on the old passport.

Do I need to re-stamping or transfer my visa to new passport? Or can I use new passport with old passport with Visa.

If I can use new passport with old passport with Visa, how to use E-gate? With ID and new passport or With ID and old passport?

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Hxn1234 1 year ago

Protip Improved: Instead of staple, tape them together. Why need to destroy that goodlooking book?

Ffssomethingwork 1 year ago

My residence visa is on my old pp. I just have to carry them both with me.

dormeowmeow 1 year ago

I'm in a similar situation, i tried going through the e-gate with my EID, but since I had 2 passports, it didn't allow me to go through and I still had to line up at immigration and present both passports, i guess this is just to double check but once you have your visa in your new passport, e-gate should work fine

Sabunnabulsi 1 year ago

I am in the exact same situation, you do not need to get a new residence visa on the new passport. Just carry both. Pro tip: Staple the front cover of your old passport to the back cover of your new passport.

Razzler1973 1 year ago

When I had this situation before the passport office kind of tied the passports together with an elastic band so I always had them together

Bfroggy 1 year ago

Oh...Thank you.

burksterdxb 1 year ago

You don't need to transfer it to the new passport. But you will have to carry both when you travel. To avoid carrying both, you can choose to transfer it. For e-gate, you don't need a passport. Just EmiratesID.

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