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Residence Visa for mother and sister

ying for my mother and sister (not married) residence visa after my father passed away last year. They denied the application (no issues with salary however 2 bed room in Dubai could be a problem). Now PRO advising to go Al Awir immigration office and file a case on humanitarian basis. Did anyone else had to go through this process? any thoughts?

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IMRANUBER 1 year ago

this is what I did and got rejected in the first instance so now off to Al Awir. anyone have the experience going there?

askdubailaw 1 year ago

You will require to get your father's death certificate attested by the Home department and the UAE Embassy;and submit it to the DNRD along with your application.

problem_me 1 year ago

did you pay a usual visa fee after they approved the application?

IMRANUBER 1 year ago


clinthammer316 1 year ago

Yes you will have to apply on humanitarian grounds since your father passed away. I had to do the same in 2009. I suggest you personally go to Dnrd in Jaffliya and speak to them to find the correct procedure.

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