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Salary requirement for sponsoring husband visa

Hi, I am working in Dubai with a total salary of 17K. I would like to sponsor my husband on spouse (family) visa. But upon enquiry, Amer (typing center) informed that wife's "BASIC" salary should be more than 10K. Is this true as per latest rules? Also my basic salary is less than 10k as per my salary certificate breakup. But my take home amount 17K. It doesn't include accomodation or any other kind of benefits. Does anyone have the latest updates of the visa rules? Thanks in advance.

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fishmau 11 months ago

Thanks for sharing

dharmabird67 11 months ago

I am sponsoring my husband and I am not in the 3-4 listed job categories. My total monthly compensation(salary plus accommodation) is over 20K and we have had no problems but his visa has to be renewed every year.

anotherdxbguy 11 months ago

Is there a purpose to this discrimination?

clinthammer316 11 months ago

fishmau 11 months ago


fishmau 11 months ago


navisic 11 months ago

Get your employer to change the equation if it comes down to that. But Dubai is lenient. This will go through. Not to worry.

navisic 11 months ago

Why is there no thumbs up smiley for that. :)

fatherrodin 11 months ago

Here you go : If you fall under Wife sponsoring husband (other category) do not worry too much, I have a friend who did that. As long as you meet the salary/living requirements.

burksterdxb 11 months ago

I think it's true. For a husband to sponsor a wife, the minimum requirement is Aed 4K per month. It's higher for the wife to sponsor a husband.

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