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Saudi business visa for a woman?

I can't find a number to call and the VFS Tasheel website enquiry form is broken. Does anyone know if there are any restrictions on women travelling to Saudi for business? I need to go to Riyadh for a meeting. The website specifically mentions "Business Man Visa" (lol) so I'm slightly confused. Also does anyone know if I would need a male chaperone?

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linux_n00by 1 year ago

what? why TF get downvoted? check a decade ago on saudi news etc. now, female can drive, can travel there without male companion etc

thw15 1 year ago

Yes, you can apply for a visa even with a lower designation. I don't have a manager visa here but got the Saudi commercial entry quite easily

Zubai878 1 year ago

As a manager you can get a multiple entry 6 month visa, but if it's lower you will most likely only get a single entry visa.

Naeplan 1 year ago

On a related note, does anyone know if you still need to have "manager" on your visa to get a visa travel to Saudi? Can a lower designation get a visa?

sharjah111 1 year ago

What were the surprises in Riyadh?

thekrushr 1 year ago

I'm old and married so should be fine :)

thekrushr 1 year ago

Perfect, thanks!

thekrushr 1 year ago

OK good to know. Thanks!

_Duffman 1 year ago

Still difficult for Female under 25, unmarried. Some of my female colleagues have got the visa in past, but it's a hit or a miss (we usually have invitation letters from the ministry).

linux_n00by 1 year ago

wow its good that saudi is easing up restrictions.

The_Classhole 1 year ago

My company has brought many people of both genders, most unmarried and/or under 30, into the country on businessman visas in the last couple of years without any problems. We have not gotten any work or residence visas (iqama, etc) for any unmarried women so I'm not sure about that, but it seems like your situation should be fine.

thekrushr 1 year ago

Yeah, I assumed the same. But I want to make sure before I confirm the meeting and start the visa process. Thanks for the advice, will check the Saudi sub.

bravo632 1 year ago

I think it would be best to ask in the Saudi sub. Also Ive found this: I know this is not related to business visa, but I can safely assume if its OK for a 25+ yr woman to travel by herself to Saudi. I dont think itll be any different for business purposes.

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