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What Should I Know About Text Message Marketing

Marketing through SMS has some real advantages for business but there are limitation as well.

1) It requires SMS Marketing Software

SMS messages on average exceed a 90% read-rate only because the messages sent are relevant for the user. SMS Marketing software is critical to ensure the right messages are sent to databases at the right time and personalised. This SMS marketing campaign software often uses an SMS gateway that integrates with an existing database or CRM such as salesforce or outlook.

2) Regulation Limits It’s Use

Mobile marketing has rules and regulation such as the Spam act 2003 in UAE. All campaigns either to prospective or existing customers need to meet these standards. This includes the option to opt out of future text message marketing campaigns.

3) SMS Campaigns Can Focus On Immediacy

With the average UAE checking their phone approximately 110 times daily  it’s no surprise that most text messages are open within 3 minutes. This allows marketers to drive urgency through the SMS campaigns with time sensitive campaigns with strong ‘call to actions’.

4) SMS Competitions Can Drive Engagements

Text message marketing can go past conventional SMS campaigns. SMS competitions are a great way to reach new and existing audiences as a hook to drive engagement. There are a number of SMS competition options which should be understood by marketers to best suit their audience.

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