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Staff stealing from a company and confused on what to do. Suggestions please.

I am helping a family friend in a business where all of the staff are stealing , from accountants to basic branch managers , the owner is a sweet man with a very caring heart and has helped all of the staff in ways I can’t even explain , it’s an honor to work for this guy, however he has a 25 year + relationship with one of the managers which I can’t comprehend , the manager is stealing from right under his nose taking his clients and I’ve been instructed not to touch this guy unless I have solid evidence , in fear that he can ruin the business as all of his brothers and cousins & his family are the heads of other branches , and all the staff (which he basically hired) follow and fear this guy like he’s some godfather which is a joke because without his position in the company he wouldn't be anything , I’ve already fired his brother from another branch because I received a written confession from another staff member that he was taking clients and handling their work outside of the company which was apparently a big shock to all the staff members, this manager has the whole company in his pocket except me and another guy , even the owners secretary ffs who was sitting in his branch talking to him ( after her work hours were over) two days after she sent the termination letter to his brother..

My question is if there are any companies / consultants that can help with this and understand & restructure the business to reach its maximum potential or a think tank type consultancy that can evaluate and advise on how to implement more control & how to proceed? ( it's impossible trying to do it when you are ultimately alone )

I understand that it’s the owners fault for not having a tighter grip however I would really appreciate if you could suggest on how to move forward instead of blaming him , he is open to my idea of hiring a company to restructure the business as I have proved to him that these things are going on.

The easy solution would be to fire all the staff (70+ Total ) who we feel are under his control which is around 80% of the company ,it has a lot of employees , hiring new ones , training them , paying for visas etc is a big ask and very improbable at this stage.. and the owner hates firing people and would rather “let them steal and support their families” than fire them without concrete evidence.

Again I understand that the owner is who to blame but he has such a good heart that it’s messing with his decisions. Again if you could kindly only give me solutions and ways to move forward I would be grateful. Thanks.

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Uozer 1 year ago

Pm'd you.

sweatcold 1 year ago

I would like to learn about this case with a bit more details. Please DM me. Reason being, i am familiar with a similar episode where i was a part of.

The_Gama_Alpha 1 year ago

If the owner isn't willing to put in the effort to fix the current problem then don't worry yourself about it.

linux_n00by 1 year ago

probably that friend dont know what to do so OP is asking for suggestions?

askdubailaw 1 year ago

Depends highly on the EPR and profitability of the employee.If one brings enough profits for the company,it's quite natural that some entrepreneurs will give a blind eye.Quite the norm.I know one of these guys in a an insurance company who has been working for 2+ decades.He is full of twists and turns;the whole world is aware of it;but the fact is without him,their balance sheet had take a serious hit.Some talents are unmatchable and finding the right guy for the job is near to impossible these days.

linux_n00by 1 year ago

would the owner hire an auditor for this? this would reveal skeletons. he will just tell his employees that the company would need to comply with government etc. this way you can get evidence too

DXB_DXB 1 year ago

If you have nothing in writing or no hard court admissible evidence , then you have nothing.

SanJunipero14 1 year ago

In all probability its a black to white enterprise. No firm can allow everyone to steal.

batdxb 1 year ago

Hey. I can see your pain points. I believe if you implement right system in the company - everything will be clear like a daylight. You can approach this as you are improving company with technology. Which everyone will be "happy". I know several consulting companies in the field who can help you with "leaks" and building a tech. Which will help owner to see all games played in the company. Do not fire people yet. Keep them until the system is in the place. 1 to 3 months. This way you will have proper job descriptions. It will make your work easier later on. PS: I am in the process of helping for one company right now. Personal experience.

hummusporotta 1 year ago


Traffic_Spiral 1 year ago

Honestly, stay out of it. Your "family friend" doesn't want the problem fixed enough to do what is necessary to fix it, so there's no point in you jumping in the middle and spinning your wheels.

babayega812 1 year ago

A TL;DR wouldve helped here..

1Deerintheheadlights 1 year ago

If you can see fraud happening, then you are probably only seeing 10% of it. An audit will probably uncover 10X that amount. Unfortunately you will probably have to do some large scale firings if this is rampant, as those employees are living/spending at that level and you will essentially be giving them a huge pay cut (and can you even trust them?). I worked at a place where theft was uncovered (back in the days with lie detector tests). They got the employees to admit the theft and sign/promise to pay it back via payroll deductions. A bag of money had gone missing and they found so much more for normal theft it was crazy.

samipk1234 1 year ago

First find a good auditor to find the discrepancies in the company and show them to the owner as proof of the theft. Secondly find people in your organization that are a bit better than the rest and are doing theft because it's a trend as you cannot fire everyone at once, talk to them and make a team in every branch. Take the owner and talk to all of your clients and show them you are in charge and not the manager, ask them why they are talking to him instead of dealing direct with the company. Ask how less they are paying the manager to work with them directly and offer them the same rate. Take over and fire all of the managerial staff related to the manager at once without giving them access to your records.

Gunpoint_Rajah 1 year ago

Couple of points, which maybe a different perspective. You say that your friend "A" has a 25+ year history with his employee "B", who is stealing from A. However, have you considered the possibility that A & B have built this business together and A considers B more of a partner than employee. It may explain a lot of what is happening. What is the marginal return on investment for A in this effort of replacing the entire staff? Which means that if A was earning 1mn in profit now, and changes you do results in 1.2mn in profit is that worth the effort in time and money and relationships for A to do it? Find out how much A can benefit from your plan, and see if that makes sense for him. Sometimes, the rewards may not be worth the cost. Is your business relationship driven? if yes, changing your entire staff at one go is a disaster waiting to happen. Your only viable option is to slowly bring in new staff, or sell the company to someone and make it someone else's headache. Finally, and it may be a pet peeve, you said the owner doesn't have a Tighter grip. In this part of the world, tighter grip I have seen equates to micro managing the entire business. Not something to encourage. Others have indicated that you can hire forensic auditors etc, those are good advice if you want to proceed.

Gavtek 1 year ago

Any of the Big 4 companies (PWC, EY, KPMG, Deloitte) can act as an outsourced Internal Audit function. Itll be expensive but theyll get to the root of the problem. Used to work for a company where we suspected financial mismanagement on a particular project. We hired PWC to go and do a compliance audit of the project and they uncovered a bunch of stuff.

drromancer 1 year ago

Fire them without can always find new may take a while to train them but it is way better than this sh...t

non-hetero 1 year ago

An outside business restructuring consultant is a good idea.

dxborangevest 1 year ago


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