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Still looking to sell my shopify site. Passive income

someone to take over my shopify ecommerce site. So far this July I've done $1,157.80 in sales with a conversion rate of 2.47% (which, for dropshipping is pretty good). I only advertise through IG stories/feed and the site has a ton of potential to grow. Profit this month so far is about $600.

I'd be happy to talk more to anyone who is interested and go over all of the details and financials. (I'm a college student so I'm free all day).

site is

PM if you're interested and want to hear more.


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SantiagoAndDunbar 1 year ago

Why would a sell such a new site thats doing pretty well? If what youre saying is true you could just reinvest into designing the site better and some content marketing.

TemporalVapor 1 year ago

How long has your site been up & running? What is your sales history? If you average $600/mo profit the yearly profit is only $7,200; depending on various factors you can expect between 1.5x and 2.5x multiple of yearly profits (so between $10,800 & $18,000). All of that, of course, depends on your profitability and sustainability of those profits.

theravadas 1 year ago

Hey yea the site is and it sells hand-tied lucky charm bracelets

z33626 1 year ago

What products are you selling? Can you share the website link?

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