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Still looking to sell my shopify site. Passive income

someone to take over my shopify ecommerce site. So far this July I've done $1,157.80 in sales with a conversion rate of 2.47% (which, for dropshipping is pretty good). I only advertise through IG stories/feed and the site has a ton of potential to grow. Profit this month so far is about $600.

I'd be happy to talk more to anyone who is interested and go over all of the details and financials. (I'm a college student so I'm free all day).

site is

PM if you're interested and want to hear more.


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SantiagoAndDunbar 11 months ago

Why would a sell such a new site thats doing pretty well? If what youre saying is true you could just reinvest into designing the site better and some content marketing.

TemporalVapor 11 months ago

How long has your site been up & running? What is your sales history? If you average $600/mo profit the yearly profit is only $7,200; depending on various factors you can expect between 1.5x and 2.5x multiple of yearly profits (so between $10,800 & $18,000). All of that, of course, depends on your profitability and sustainability of those profits.

theravadas 11 months ago

Hey yea the site is and it sells hand-tied lucky charm bracelets

z33626 11 months ago

What products are you selling? Can you share the website link?

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