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Text message bots for customer interraction.

Anyone using bots to interact with customers via sms?

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ngorall 1 year ago

Hi - what software do you use ?

ghsgentry 1 year ago

Cannot really speak to the bots but we use sms for many types of messages (surveys, reviews, marketing, alerts, and apt. reminders) with great success. Texting is the easiest form of communication for customers. Like anything else though....follow the rules, make the message valuable, and be mindful of the frequency.

Heineken008 1 year ago

I don't know about other people but I've ignored every single bot text I've ever received.

popdisaster00 1 year ago

Bots fail easily. How many customers do you think would interact with you via SMS? In most cases I would recommend using a real person for texting rather than a bot.

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