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The Content Dilemma

te content when you're meant to be generating profit? I find myself some weeks spending 50 to 60 per cent of my time generating content. It's of the high-quality type and does generate some business but I just feel that it's crazy having to spend so much time with idea creation, writing and editing. I feel like I'm a journalist some weeks. Any one else in this predicament? Aside from hiring a writer, are there any "life hacks" f

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SaaSWriters 1 year ago

Ok, so you're spending half your time creating content. It generates some business but it doesn't seem to be the best use of your time. Am I getting you right? Based on that, here is an important thought. It seems you're on the right track but you don't know how to make your content more profitable. In other words, the time you spend on your content could be 10x more profitable if you had the right strategies. Here is where it gets better. You could probably cut down the time you spend on your content and still make more money. All it takes is a more effective approach. For instance, you can start by

ChocolateGlamazon27 1 year ago

You can do some yourself and outsource to a proven content marketer. Some ideas for your field (IT) **The Best Buyer Guide to B2B IT **The Complete Guide to (Your service) **How to excel at IT XYZ **20 Things You Need To Know About (Your IT Service) in 2019 **Best IT XYZ for 2019 Also create cheat sheets, thought leadership blogs, tip sheets, PDF downloads, white papers, infographics. Repurpose your content make it work for you. Twice a week is fine

StoicSpaceScientist 1 year ago


astillero 1 year ago

It's IT and no employees

lynk1 1 year ago

What's your industry? And do you have any employees?

astillero 1 year ago

Commentary on product releases, case studies of recent jobs with a few "How to" articles.

hobo_Clarke 1 year ago

What type of content are you creating? Thatll be pretty helpful when giving tips. Are they blog posts, instructions, videos, media posts, forum posts, social, etc?

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