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Top Videographer/Video Campaign Company in UAE


My company is looking for the top Videographer/Video Campaign company in UAE to create a video showcasing their business. This is an urgent requirement.

If anyone can provide info/lead to this, please reply or DM. Thank you.

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nwrzd 11 months ago

Thank you for the reply. The current project has already been awarded. Though we could always do well with new contacts for future ones. Do share your portfolio.

munch3ro_ 11 months ago

Thinking of collaborating with my friend regarding video / content production as our sideline during weekends. Is this allowed?

curious11 11 months ago

You could also try I've heard good things

nwrzd 11 months ago

Thanks. Will give them a call. This is my first project of the kind. Would be great if I knew a ball park budget I should have in place for this.

nwrzd 11 months ago

Just messaged you.

wudntulike2no 11 months ago

Ive worked with these guys. Good and professional:

batdxb 11 months ago

I know some guys. PM to me. They are very good.

nwrzd 11 months ago

Thank you. Will give them a call.

nwrzd 11 months ago

Thank you. Will give them a call.

investaquest 11 months ago Great team and can turn things around real fast if needed. We use them all the time.

AUserName01 11 months ago

Check out

nwrzd 11 months ago

Thank you so much. The project is on very short notice (shoot to complete in next 3 days). Would be great if there are more I can call upon.

OMG_NoReally 11 months ago

Check him out: He has uploaded all of his works on his website, and he is incredible. He is a filmmaker but does a lot of commercial stuff as well. Excellent guy, too.

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