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unused warehouse space ideas

I own some property (13k sqft office/warehouse) and lease office/warehouse space out to my main service business. However, I am scaling back on the space needs for that business and will have additional space available in the warehouse to use (2000sft).

I don't want to lease it out to someone else at this time, because of buildout expenses. But I thought about using the space to create a additional business for additional revenue stream. I want to supplement my income a little more.

Is retail arbitrage or import/export a viable revenue stream? Can money actually be made? I know how to build and maintain websites and market well on the internet. Just didn't want to waste the space. I already have inventory shelving, CRM/Accounting software ready to go and shipping process in place.


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UnderPantsOverPants 1 year ago

Know any car enthusiasts? Storage/winter storage is pretty simple, costs you nothing and is something. Typical is $100/month per car around my parts.

ginrun 1 year ago

In terms of your point on retail arbitrage and import export. Hell yes! Its classic business model and still a great way to make money my main income source. Also (my favourite thing) in a worst case scenario, bad product etc. You will have no problem shifting them on at the wholesale price you paid. Limits risk. Oh and think outside the box, obviously amazon basics corners the market in paper shredders. But how about hmmmm era specific alloy wheels for classic car rebuilds. People just need some imagination!

hvac_north 1 year ago

Have you seen the dust they leave behind though??

Etheryelle 1 year ago

You mentioned not leasing to another tenant but would you consider a cabinet maker? I've cleaned out a couple of warehouses that were used by cabinet makers and except for the reinforced concrete already existing, the landlord had to do nothing to maintain or build it out. The companies brought in their own equipment and when cleaned out, many of us showed up to help "clean" ;) getting a @#$ton of material in the process.

beelokahi 1 year ago

find what needs there are in your community-

arbuge00 1 year ago

Isn't this something your freight forwarder should be able to help you with?

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