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Is it hard for an Indian living in Dubai to get US tourist visa ? Any experiences ?

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ruin66 1 year ago

Thanks mate.

ruin66 1 year ago

Once denied, when can you try next ?

dharmabird67 1 year ago

My Indian citizen husband is not working(cannot work legally because of previous TB immigration ban, is now on my visa) and I doubt he would even have a chance.

bee_beep 1 year ago

What makes or break your chances of securing a visa is proof that you have strong roots here and that you won't end up being an illegal immigrant there. I applied last year and the first thing the interviewer asked me was how long I've been in Dubai and I replied with all my life which is true. She didnt check my massive bundle of documents and asked me questions based on the information I provided on my online application, so fill that in carefully and save each page if you forget what u answered with. A colleague applied same time as I did as we both were going for a conference and she got denied because she's been in Dubai only for 3 years. Also not sure if this would make a difference but try and get the first appointment of the day. I've been quite lucky with visa approvals if it's the first appointment of the day. If you want more information pm me. Good luck! Edit - Forgot to mention, I hold an Indian passport and I got the 10 year B1/B2 visa although I chose only the B2 visa on the application which is strictly for business related travel.

plan_with_stan 1 year ago

My wife has been denied 3 times already! Good luck!

lifeslikethatright 1 year ago

My application was last year. What I heard from others, First requirement is - why do u want to go to US. Travel? Where are u travelling. Whats are your plans. Be prepared to speak to the interviewer about all your plans. Then these things matter, 1) Good salary (Not defined) 2) Travel History ( More the better) 3) Confidence in the interview. 4) In UAE for a long time. (Atleast 3 to 5 years. Enough to call it home) Indians usually get 10 years B1/B2. Quite easy. Documents weren't checked just verbally confirmed everything. And told on the spot yes or no. Suggestion - Apply at Abu Dhabi Embassy.Easy parking. Respectful people. Smaller crowds.

ruin66 1 year ago

Damn.. so travel history is a requirement !!

notveryenglish 1 year ago

It's funny that you're being downvoted. As if you personally rejected him.

Lavelleroad 1 year ago

It depends. I've known Indians who got it and who got rejected. But all the rejections were for the same reason - not enough travel history or you haven't travelled enough and we believe you will stay back. If you have a local sponsor inviting you, it increases your chances.

linux_n00by 1 year ago

question do we need some kind of fixed amount in our banks to show it to them?

ruin66 1 year ago

Thanks mate. By any chance, do you remember how long did the process take, from start to finish.

ruin66 1 year ago

Thanks mate. But is it necessary that you have to be a frequent traveler or have a schengen visa to boost your chances?

ruin66 1 year ago

Ha ha !! Epic :P

ruin66 1 year ago

Thanks mate :)

scre4m 1 year ago

A couple of years ago I applied for a US visa with a couple of friends of diff nationalities. While not all of us got 10-year visas, we were still granted. Now some of those friends have reapplied for a visa last month and some were denied. Not sure if it's because of the current administration or something. I'm not saying it's difficult, I guess they've just been more strict since Trump came into office. But I'm sure if your intentions are clear on the application that you simply want to visit the place, then I don't find any reason for you to get denied.

TheModernPaean 1 year ago

It really isn't that difficult, to be honest. Your documents, bank statements and around 800dhs gets you a 5 year multiple entry visa to the States.

Grimmgoll 1 year ago

Funny story, coworker named Mohammed Osama tried to apply. Got rejected despite meeting all other criteria.

abhijani97 1 year ago

No its not very hard. Just apply with all the documents required and you should be fine

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