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Visa Fine - Tourist Visa Overstay?

A friend has a situation where she is on a 14-day tourist Visa (Visa on Arrival for Indian Green Card holders).

She leaves for Berlin a day later than her Visa expires.

Her choices are:

1) Extend the Visa at GDRFA which costs 500 dirhams plus (and not 250 dirhams as advertised).

2) Leave as planned and pay a 1-day tourist fine.


-- What do you suppose that fine is?

-- Do you think having a fine has any adverse future consequences for both tourist/resident Visas?

-- What is the fine payment process?

Any help in this regard will be great!

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yesmaamsir 1 year ago

Depending on airline, she will most likely not be able to check in and therefor not pass immigration.

Hyggelicious 1 year ago

It doesn't have any adverse future impact. Source: I know a couple of people who keep overstaying their on arrival visa for one reason or the other, and then keep returning back with no issues at all. Some of them converted to employment visa too.

1Deerintheheadlights 1 year ago

go to the airport before midnight the day before the flight and avoid the fee.

theblahking11 1 year ago

Stay a day extra - pay 200 aed extra for first day and 100 for subsequent day - no issues at all

cricket_hater 1 year ago

Leave a day later. At the immigration counter they will send her to another counter to pay the excess fine. That's it actually. No adverse effects.

krose_stitched 1 year ago

According to this, extension is 250 AED. I believe overstay fine for tourist visa holders are 200 for the 1st day, and 100 for the subsequent days. The fine is assessed and paid on the immigration counter.

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