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Visa query

ion regarding visas.

So im from the UK have a British passport, I got to Dubai in the beginning of January on a normal visa issued at the airport, and have been in process to get a residence visa, now the time is running out and am still waiting for my residence visa...which in turn is waiting for my letter of good standing from UK police.. if incase my visa runs out what do I do?! When shall I do the famous visa run? Do i need to stay in Oman etc... any help would be great!

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parisinlondon 1 year ago

So I have to buy a visa online for Oman before doing the visa run? Is this a new rule?

tahafarooq 1 year ago

When does your current visa run out? If its valid for 90 days from arrival, then you have till end of March or early April. After you get the good conduct certificate from UK police, you will have to get it attested by the UAE Embassy in UK (don't forget this part!). Keep in mind you won't be able to fly/drive into Oman and expect a visa on arrival anymore. You will have to apply for one online before you travel: Hope this helps.

burksterdxb 1 year ago

Perhaps u/lovindubaiLD can help.

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