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Visa Stamping Medical Insurance for Wife

Hi Guys, was wondering if anyone can provide some recommendation on companies for medical insurance as I went to one company and they were asking about 1,850 with maternal coverage? It's a bit expensive for my financial situation and we arent really planning to begin any family yet till we save as I had just left a company which didnt pay me any salary for 6months so all the saving's went during that period...

So hoping if anyone can recommend a company with the basic medical insurance without maternal coverage not sure if this is mandatory for visa stamping? Any help or info would be great...

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visualcanvas 1 year ago

I went to EHC at the Tasheel center building in Qusais

paulgali 1 year ago

Yes. No premiums can charge more for maternity these days afaik. That premium is cheap. You can't get non-maternal coverage either these days.

Lavelleroad 1 year ago

Was checking this last week. The lowest I saw was 950 dhs from union insurance. But the benefits obviously will be limited. Check it out. The next cheapest option is 1750 dhs from orient insurance. Bit more benefits. Which is the insurance offering 1850?

visualcanvas 1 year ago

Thanks for the help and info...

visualcanvas 1 year ago

Thanks for the help, never expected another huge amount additional for visa expenses...

batdxb 1 year ago

I got recently. Same price. I believe it is cheapest in the market.

SDLKSMI 1 year ago

I had taken a dependent cover 4 years ago and was told that maternal cover is mandatory for married women. I couldn't find any company which would sell a policy without it. Maybe things have changed recently. If not, I'm afraid you will have to take a policy with it.

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