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Visa transfer between emirates . .

, anyone having an idea if there is any restrictions on transferring a vsia from abu dhabi to dubai.. I heard rumours but I'm not sure. I am afraid if I cancelled the visa and it doesn't get accepted in dubai I will be in a huge problem. pleass provide info.

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whatnadineloves 1 year ago

I changed jobs and location in October last year but moved the other way. My Dubai visa was cancelled and then my employer applied for my visa here in Abu Dhabi. No problems and I received visa and EID within 48h after my medical.

AkaClarky 1 year ago

Of course there is a chance applying for a new visa will get you rejected. You are never guaranteed a visa, its a privilege not a right.

sadaecho22 1 year ago

Thanks for replying, sorry I didn't make myself clear. I am asking if there is any chance of my visa application get rejected "after my cancelling". Because I heard that if your previous "cancelled" visa was on abu dhabi. You can't apply to a job on dubai or vise-versa.

TenFoldMassacre 1 year ago

I don't understand your concern. It's quite clear that you're aware of the fact that you'll have to cancel your visa and then apply for a new Dubai visa. You can't transfer your visa without cancelling your old one. There's no such thing is transferring a visa from one Emirate to another.

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