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What are your biggest struggles with marketing your business?

I am tasked in creating a fake company/product that will help small business owners with make it easier to market their business.

What struggles or pain points do you run into when trying to market your business?

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FDVP 1 year ago

Biggest struggle = marketing.

joshb33071 1 year ago

Finding an audience. There are so many social media feeds. It is difficult to rise to the top of a feed. I found a great infographic to help determine when to post: The second part is consistency with original content, keeping the creative effort active is tough when running a small business. The frame of mind is to consider it as just another part of the day to day building of my empire. Last, patience is key. Be willing to use a marketing channel/method for a set period of time so you can measure its impact. I have noticed so many people write a great introductory piece about their value proposition and why we would want to follow/friend their social feed, then a few post/blogs later they quit.

CPSolver 1 year ago

Does the company have to be fake? I created the NewsHereNow website to help small single-location businesses advertise to the immediately surrounding neighborhood. This overcomes the high cost of targeted postal mail and the non-targeted, citywide coverage of TV and radio and printed newspapers. There are further insights in the websites about pages.

indigoshift 1 year ago

Censorship! Unlike many comic creators/indy publishers, I'm unable to supplement my business income with ad revenue, due to nudity in my comics. This makes things a little tough for the US market, but most other countries don't have a problem with it.

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