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What would be a good payment processor that isn’t a scam!

I need to know a few good payment processors that aren’t scams.

I keep reading bad review about PayPal, stripe etc.

I want to know a good payment gateway where I can process credit cards.

I’m from Canada and my business might be considered high risk. Social media services.

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CardFellow 1 year ago

I'd suggest staying away from Stripe in this case, because certain types of social media activities are on their prohibited businesses list, and there's a good chance they'll just close the account rather than decide if OP's business is acceptable.

Tiff2_0 1 year ago

I've had good experiences with PayPal. I think they all get bad reviews at times but just go with whatever syncs to your bookkeeping software best at the best rate.

CaptainTime 1 year ago

I use PayPal, Square and Stripe and have never had problems with any of them.

Jessie_James 1 year ago

I have used PayPal for over 20 years with no problems with both a personal and a high-volume, high-risk business (Forex investing). My wife's best friend happens to work for PayPal in their security department as well. Turns out most of those "bad reviews" are from people who are doing shady things. There are a tiny few that are legitimate mistakes, but PayPal resolves those. Bottom line - take bad reviews with a grain of salt. Otherwise, I have also used CDG Commerce, but I don't know if they service Canada.

michaeldbrooks 1 year ago

Stripe is an amazing platform and definitely a lot better than Paypal. If you need more card payment stuff, then look at SumUp or Square.

77luke 1 year ago It will take you 5 minutes to set up.

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