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Which payroll services do you guys use/swear by?

I have a small production company with 2 employees. Currently looking between gusto and Qb online. are there any other option in the $25/month range?

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dyefiberartist 1 year ago

I only have two employees but I use Gusto and have been extremely happy with it.

mindpool_tech 1 year ago

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AnimacyHierarchy 1 year ago

I started with QBO payroll but switched to Gusto. The extra cost is worth is worth it, IMHO. They have great customer service and helped once I needed to start offering benefits. The employees love it, too, since they can make changes to their payroll settings without going through me. It also lets them review prior payrolls if they have questions or need to file taxes.

ikingofeverything 1 year ago

Gusto . Good support.

GraeterMcMuffin 1 year ago

Gusto! It's been fantastic for my 10 employees.

iambored1234 1 year ago

I use Square Payroll. We already use the Square POS, so we just integrated further into their eco-system. Employees clock-in and out on the same POS app that is running and I import the timecards with ease versus have to manually enter everything like in the days before Square expanded payroll to my state. Active employee is what appealed to me most though. As a restaurant, I always seem to have lots of employees who come and go and Square only charges me for those who were active that month. It's $25 a month I believe plus $5 per active employee.

manofsea 1 year ago A friend who side job is small company accounting loves by them.

Philmang333 1 year ago

Im also wondering this as well.

Mrhaapakangas 1 year ago

Do they deduct health insurance and file taxes for you?

outsidepr 1 year ago

I use Wells Fargo Payroll. I initially started using it -- my first-ever payroll system -- because they have my business account and it seemed the easiest way to go. But tbh, they're amazing. Very happy with the ease of use and support

BobClanRoberts 1 year ago

I use, which works fairly well. It's about that price point.

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